New Patient Registration

Register as a New Patient

The answers you give will be sent securely to your practice to be reviewed by the appropriate team member in the practice. Your answers will be used by your practice to identify you and to make decisions about your care. Please answer all questions as accurately as possible, and take any advice offered. You may be offered specific advice, or be advised to seek alternate help.


Although a parent or carer can use this system to contact a GP and seek health advice about under 16s, only people who are 16 years old or over can complete the questions in this service.


Terms of Use

Your GP practice has made this online service available to you. You must use this service in accordance with the practice’s terms and conditions of use.


Before registering, please check that you fall into our catchment area. If you fall out of our catchment area, you may still be able to register as an out of area patient.

If this is possible we will contact you to confirm that you are registered as an out of area patient. You can still access us as normal but if you require a home visit, we will put you in touch with a service local to you.